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Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland with about 376,815 people living in the city. The city can be counted as one of the prominent global cities in the world.

Zurich holds some regular festivities. Zurich is regarded as the largest city of Switzerland. The city is also referred to “Cultural Capital of Switzerland”. Zurich is also recognized as one of the richest city of the world. The metropolitan area of Zurich is home to about 1.68 million.

Zurich is considered a global city and a leading financial center. There are many financial institutions that locate their headquarters in Zurich. The Greater Zurich Area is Switzerland’s economic center and home to a vast number of international companies.

Zurich Switzerland is the best place to live for so many reasons. In terms of transport, Zurich has several railway stations including Hauptbahnhof, the main station. The high-speed trains in Zurich are the InterCityExpress, TGV, and Cisalpino. It is also an advantage that Zurich is multi-lingual. The official language used is German, while the most commonly spoken dialect is Zurich German- the local dialect of Swiss Germans. Kunsthaus houses one of the largest collections in Classic Modern Art in the world.

Many universities, colleges, and gymnasiums are in Zurich. The technical university ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich are well-known and reputed internationally.

The climatic conditions of Zurich are typical as expected according to the season. Summer season receives temperature ranges in between 20 – 25 degrees. Zurich mostly enjoys the rainy season during summers. Winter season is very cold in the city. Zurich has a number of night clubs and bars which as a result means that the city is very lively at nights and also the nightlife is very attractive. Zurich is also a host to the world famous event called as “Street Parade”. Football is the major sport in Zurich. The club which represents the city is called as “FC Zurich” which competes in the top level of Swiss football league.

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