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Seville has a reputation as a quiet town, as being a little more old-fashioned than other Spanish cities. The city is not known for the open exuberance of a city like Madrid, but Seville has an atmosphere that is special and worth experiencing. An ancient city like Seville was designed for people and with no regard to the demands of modern urban life. Overall Seville is a city crafted in a manner that keeps human proportions upfront.

Parque de María Luisa, the Maria Luisa Park, is the grandest park in Seville and has many monuments, numerous ponds and fountains. Overflowing with all manner of greenery broken up by walkways, pavilions, sun-drenched clearings and the occasional museum, Spending the afternoon in the Maria Luisa Park feels like walking through a fairy tale.

Plaza de España, Spain Plaza, is almost overpoweringly beautiful with ornate architecture, languid canals, and brightly painted façades that inevitably remind you just how close to the northern tip of Africa, the Spanish city of Seville really sits. Plaza de España was constructed in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of that year. The plaza complex was built in a huge half-circle with buildings running around the edge with each building accessible by numerous beautiful bridges over a moat. The walls of the plaza have many tiled alcoves, each alcove dedicated to a Spanish province.

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